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When I taught various applications of the evolution paradigm at a couple of universities, I would teach the danger of assuming evolution. The danger was ad hoc and post hoc interpretation and explanation of a biological history or current biological form/design. The danger was rationalization instead of science, of teleology: that the end explains the beginning and process, that the theory explains and confirms the hypothesis. That’s how evolution came to be “a fact” instead of a theory, and scientific research became little more than fleshing out the story of Creation and extolling the beauty of evolution as Creator. All this is exactly what critics say about Intelligent Design. And they were pretty much on much of the time. But what is good for the goose must surely be good for the gander.

When I critiqued evolution articles and books, and research and authors, for that sort of language and reasoning I was keeping biology and anthropology honest, and most people in the field agreed. And truthfully, error of that sort remained rare in evolutionary science but not so much in Intelligent Design. I think that sort of error contributed much to the decline in standing which Intelligent Design has suffered in the past couple of years, and why the “Evolutionists” have won essentially every major contest in courts and school boards and politics in general. It might be hard for the proponents of Intelligent Design to admit they’ve lost enough battles that many on both sides think the war is over, I think most of the science and anti-ID community are confident they’ve won. Certainly their hackles and anxieties are way down today compared to, say, the time of the Dover trial.

Along with their hackles, however, I fear they’ve also dropped their guard against sloppy language and thinking, and a lot of that ad hoc and post hoc and teleological garbage is sneaking back into the picture. And in so doing, the science of evolution is beginning to sound like many researchers are not so anti Intelligent Design. Like those studying evolutionary biological topics, at least, are open to, or leaning towards accepting the idea that evolution of life has had some hand of a higher intelligence guiding or directing or influencing the flow of creation!

I’ve always seen some of this and figured it was, as I’ve said, sloppy thinking or speaking. But in recent times its gotten to be more than just a rare thing, and not just error by junior or less – say, bright? – scientists. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, here are three examples I came across in one brief session reading online reports.<.h3>

The first:

“Smoke plays an intriguing role in promoting the germination of seeds of many species following a fire,” Johannes Van Staden and colleagues point out in the report (in ACS’s Journal of Natural Products) They previously discovered a chemical compound in smoke from burning plants that promotes seed germination….
In their new research, the scientists report discovery of an inhibitor compound that may block the action of the stimulator, preventing germination of seeds. They suspect that the compounds may be part of a carefully crafted regulatory system for repopulating fire-ravaged landscapes…. The inhibitor thus may delay germination of seeds until moisture and temperature are right, and then take a back seat to the germination promoter in smoke.

Comment: “They suspect that the compounds may be part of a carefully crafted regulatory system…”. “Crafted” by an overseeing Intelligent Designer of the ecological system?

The Second:

Has the almond tree developed a unique way of drawing potential pollinators? A group of researchers at the Department of Environmental and Evolutionary Biology and the Department of Science Education at the University of Haifa-Oranim speculate that the toxin called amygdalin that is found in almond tree nectar is in fact an evolutionary development intended to give that tree an advantage over others…. it is likely that amygdalin is produced in the almond nectar so as to give the almond tree an advantage in reproduction…. it is possible that the plant produces it so as to attract potential pollinators.
Another possibility is that the almond tree has developed this substance in its nectar as a form of filter: it repulses “non-expert” pollinatrors, but gives access to the “experts”… providing efficient pollination services….

Comment: “[A] possibility is that the almond tree has developed this substance in its nectar as a form of filter: it repulses ‘non-expert’ pollinatrors, but gives access to the ‘experts'”. Is the intelligence and discernment of which pollinators are “expert” in the tree, or an outside Intelligent Designer of the system?

The Third:

A team of University of Toronto chemists have made a major contribution to the emerging field of quantum biology, observing quantum mechanics at work in photosynthesis in marine algae….
“Our latest experiments show that normally functioning biological systems have the capacity to use quantum mechanics in order to optimize a process as essential to their survival as photosynthesis…. We were astonished…. This and other recent discoveries …. [raise] some … potentially fascinating questions, such as, have these organisms developed quantum-mechanical strategies for light-harvesting to gain an evolutionary advantage? It suggests that algae knew about quantum mechanics nearly two billion years before humans,” says Scholes.

Comment: algae knew about quantum mechanics nearly two billion years before humans. We all doubt the ability of an algae to know about and use quantum mechanics, but does this suggest there was a much higher Intelligent Designer that did, and helped start this life form some 2 billion years ago?

Now, I have come to a fairly neutral position regarding the creation-evolution-ID debate. Each has its own strength and possibilities, and each can provide a satisfying paradigm/explanation for some people. My only conclusion is that the Bible, in Genesis 1 and 2, and elsewhere, does not tell us how creation happened. But it does tell us God was at least a witness to it all, and knew where it was going, as evidenced by (in my own translation of the Hebrew Scriptures) by the description, in some detail, of its history, so many years before anyone could have ever had even an inkling of what we have slowly discovered through science – so accurately and so long ago that it reads, as I’ve said, at least as a most remarkable prophecy! Wichever, whatever, this is enough to lend incredible confidence and believability to Genesis 1 and 2, and the Bible’s claim that God is the Intelligent Designer of life and universe, by whatever means He chose … but did not precisely tell us about.

**The three articles can be accessed at the following URLs:

The Secret Life of Smoke….

Almond Tree’s Secret Weapon

Quantum Mechanics at Work in Photosynthesis…

The Hubble Telescope is getting its upgrade! I couldn’t be more delighted over anything NASA has done. I am far more enamored of the Hubble than the “Space Station”, which I find interesting but mostly an expensive and distracting waste of resources – resources that could have been better spent on real and significant science projects and space exploration.

The Hubble is a gift that just keeps on giving. There’s hardly a soul alive who hasn’t enjoyed, marveled, and been deeply encouraged by its testimony to the awesomeness of God’s whole creation. Christians are not alone in believing that the universe, with its billions of galaxies, with their billions of suns, and their billions of planets, (and tell me why not “billions of other forms of life” – which obviously delight God, if we are to take earth’s as an example) are too perfectly … well, perfectly made to not be the product and artistry of a supremely intelligent design. We Christians just have a name and a 3500 year-old description of the Designer and essentially how He went about it (read my book!).

The Hubble has probably done more to expand all our understanding and appreciation of the WHOLE creation, and more to bring scientists – especially those in physics, astronomy, and cosmology – to a believe in God, and more to open our eyes and minds to the glory of it all, and more to fuel our scientific knowledge and understanding, than any other scientific device or tool.

Much of the new vision, perspectives, and knowledge the Hubble has brought has reached straight into our common understandings of Scriptures. The description of the creation in Genesis 1 & 2 notwithstanding (read my book!), we’ve all had to revise our interpretations and understanding of many things. Who hasn’t gained a far better, and probably far “bigger” and more picturesque sense of “the heavens”? The earth? The stars? The moon? The sun? The place earth actually occupies in relationship to the sun and moon and stars? The “lights” that are for the telling of dates and times? The size and nature of the realm in which God, the angels, and our own resurrected selves might have to spend our eternity in? Time? “The light”? To point out a few.

There are some deeper things in our theology and understanding of God which Hubble has also opened to us (“since what may be known about God is plain to them, for God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities – His eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood by what has been made…”, Romans 1:19,20 NIV). For instance:

I wrote an article on “Like Luther”, another blog, that gives a quick explanation how the theories of Relativity and of Quantum Physics, which the Hubble has been of great benefit in developing and validating, that show us exactly how the doctrines of God’s absolute sovereignty and our free will can not only coexist, but may show us just how God works.

The Hubble has also shown us that not only is the universe actually expanding, from what we can see, but gives me a clear and confident understanding of the several scriptures telling us that God, in the beginning, “stretched forth the universe”. In fact, it answers for me what the Big Bang most probably was! And, I have come to a theory of (and will soon write extensively about) just what the mysterious “dark energy” is, that so puzzles scientists, and what the so-long-debated future of the universe is.

These are just a few of the things that make me love (LOVE!) the Hubble. I am so thankful NASA put the current upgrade back in the program, and only pray that God enables and protects those astronauts who have undertaken such a risky endeavor.