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“That Blessed Hope” (language used by Paul in his letter to Titus) is what contemporary Christians call “The Rapture”. The “Rapture”, if you are unfamiliar with that word, refers to a “snatching away” of all the souls of everyone whoever believed in and followed Jesus Christ, both the living and dead, for a resurrection unto eternal life with their savior.

Not all Christians believe in a “Rapture”, or have even heard of it, but many do. And among those that do, there is a lot of  uncertainty and debate over whether it will happen before, or during (midway), or after the Great Tribulation which is foretold and described in the last book of the Bible, The Book of Revelation.

This book, which you are invited to read, for free if you’ll settle for a pdf download of the copy/proof manuscript, is the most thorough, and systematic, and scripturally-based study of the “Rapture” ever done. Every verse in the Bible was examined for relevancy, either directly or indirectly, to the idea of such an event. Over 100 verses (most, but not all, are in the New Testament) were found, analysed, looked at in multiple translations, and assembled into this easy-reading book.

As always, I give the evidence plainly and transparantly laid out so you can read and decide for yourself what to make of it. If, in the end, you do decide the Bible does establish the promise that the Blessed Hope will take place, then you’ll especially appreciate that this work also provides a hitherto overlooked scriptural passage that seems to definitely answer the other question: pre-Trib, mid-Trib, or Post-Toastie?

You have three choices:
A free download (a donation in keeping with what it was worth to you is allowed and facilitated)
A CD of the manuscript mailed to you for $7.00 (or $10.00 US priority mail)
A spiral-bound paper copy of the copy/proof book mailed for $10.00 (or 14.00 US priority mail).
Mailed hard-copy prices are US mail only. Check for overseas.

Free Download:    That Blessed Hope pdf

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